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Delivery Info


We offer a couriered delivery service within South Africa’s borders only,                         throughout the year.




Due to the perishable nature of plants and the distances in South Africa, courier companies will not transport plants that have foliage on them. They will, however, transport the root. We do not send plants younger than two years old.


The vines will be cut down to the first node, then kept moist in a plastic bag and placed securely into a box. The root can remain in the bag, provided it is not opened, for 72 hours. However, we do advise the root is potted or planted the moment it arrives at its destination.


The overnight courier service we offer ensures that the plants will reach their destination within 24 hours.


Once the plants have been collected by the courier, you will receive an email notifying you, as well as a tracking number.


We will need a delivery address and a phone number for the courier company once an order has been placed.


Should you wish to have plants delivered to you in this method, please contact us through the contact form and we will get back to you with prices for delivery. The prices vary depending on the amount and size of plants ordered as well as the intended destination.


Care instructions on Arrival


Once an order has been placed and collected by the courier company, you will need to ensure you have the necessary pots and soil (free draining soil) ready for the arrival of the plants.


Fill one-third of the pots with potting soil, then take the roots out of the plastic bag and place it in the pot (fan the root out a bit).


Fill the remainder of the pot with potting soil so that the root and first node are covered by at least 8cm’s of soil.


Give the pot a little shake to ensure the soil has got into the roots, but do not pat the soil down as you would with other plants.


Water well and continue to water every day. This is particularly necessary in our hot summer months.


You should see growth within 6 weeks of planting the clematis roots, but will only get flowers in the following blooming time (October/November or February). Please don’t despair if you have not seen growth in 6 weeks as some clematis varieties take a little longer to shoot.

Please note:

We cannot courier any Cirrhosa varieties as they cannot be cut back for transport or they will die.

We only courier Montanas on the understanding that they will not have flowers the following season if they are cut back for transport as they only flower on old wood. This applies to other Prune 1 varieties too.


If you should have any further queries, please contact us through the contact form.